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Intel Core 10th Gen «Comet Lake»: so are the processors with which Intel wants to ‘assault’ high performance laptops
Intel still had “an ace up its sleeve” after the introduction a few weeks ago of its new “Ice Lake” microprocessors . The Sunny Cove microarchitecture, which is the one used by the new Intel Core 10th generation chips, is, according to the engineers who designed it, the cornerstone... Read more
This impressive chip is bigger than an iPad: it has 400,000 cores, 18 GB of memory and 1.2 billion transistors
We are used to increasingly advanced processors with an amazing number of transistors, but we had never seen anything like the chip developed by a company called Cerebras . Its “Wafer Scale Engine” or WSE of Cerebras is the exaggeration made chip: it has 1.2 billion transistors , 400,000... Read more
SSDs may have become preferred for a large number of scenarios, but the cost per gigabyte remains a key factor in others such as large data centers where the transfer speed does not matter as much as the capacity of the units that are used. That is the reason... Read more
Liquid cooling: what it is, how it works and when it is worth betting on it to “propel” our PC
Heat is the enemy to beat . The “coconut” of integrated circuits in general. And of the microprocessors in particular . If it increases in excess it can cause the stability and performance of a computer to plummet, but the worst is not this. The most serious thing is... Read more
Intel introduces a new neuromorphic system that mimics the human brain: equivalent to the calculation of 8 million neurons
Intel has announced what for them is its first system capable of mimicking the human brain through neuromorphic computing . A total of 64 chips based on the company’s Loihi prototypes that together amount to the calculation made by 8 million human neurons. In its initial phase, this new system will only be accessible to Intel partner... Read more
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060/2070 SUPER vs AMD Radeon RX 5700 / XT, comparative: the graphics card war has risen
For years AMD has been in the shadow of NVIDIA in the field of graphics cards. NVIDIA’s proposals have always gone ahead if what you were looking for was maximum performance and efficiency, and until recently AMD could hardly compete except in the most modest ranges. Things have changed with the new AMD... Read more
The European Commission fines Qualcomm with 242 million euros for “selling low cost 3G chipsets and expelling rivals”
New fine from the European Commission to a large technology company. If yesterday we saw that Vestager pointed towards Amazon , today we see the resolution of a case that they had been investigating since 2015. The Commission has decided to fine Qualcomm with 242 million euros for “abusing its position in the 3G chipset market.... Read more
Apple is close to buying Intel’s 5G modem business for $ 1 billion, according to WSJ
In April of this year, Apple and Qualcomm put an end to their long legal battle and closed a new collaboration agreement , which led Intel to announce that it was abandoning the 5G modem business for smartphones , since until then they had no other client and there was no point in moving forward,... Read more
AMD hits again with the Ryzen 9 3950X, the first 16-core gaming processor and the new Radeon ‘Navi’ RX 5700 XT
AMD presented all the artillery during the past Computex 2019 , but it seems that it still had several aces up its sleeve for this E3 2019. After unveiling the new Ryzen 3000 and its Navi Radeon 5000 graphics, now the company led by Lisa Su has presented its... Read more
These four tips will give a new life to your old PC of 5 years ago without you hardly notice it in your pocket
Computer technology is moving frantically, so that PC that you mounted a few years ago has probably been affected: today’s desktops are much more powerful than those of 5 years ago, for example, but attentive, because not everything is lost . Not much less. This is what we will... Read more