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Google defends that it has reached “quantum supremacy”, but it is not clear that it is so: what it is and why it is important
Gil Kalai is not the only researcher who defends the impossibility of achieving quantum supremacy , but he is one of those who do so with more vehemence. This renowned Israeli mathematician who teaches at Yale ensures that we will never achieve this achievement because as the number of states of a... Read more
SSD units cheaper and with more capacity: this is the PLC technology that brings many advantages (and a great disadvantage)
The SSDs have revolutionized the storage segment, and have become their own right in one of the best ways to revitalize any PC or laptop. Its evolution is constant, and now a new technology appears that promises many advantages and, of course, a notable disadvantage. That technology is none other than PLC (Penta... Read more
A SoC is not (just) a CPU: clarifying the differences between the two concepts
We often engage in technological debates without taking into account that the terms we use can be the source of some confusion, and it is always good to return to the principles and clearly establish what certain terms we use very often mean. This is the case of the terms SoC and... Read more
Huawei releases SoC: the new Kirin 990 arrives with 7 nm FinFET Plus lithography and determined to make a difference with its 5G SA / NSA
The clues that Huawei has been leaving during these last days anticipated that today it would present its new SoC for its high-end smartphones. And so it has been. The new Kirin 990 has arrived, and, on paper, looks really good. In its manufacture, the Chinese company uses the advanced 7 nm FinFET Plus integration... Read more
What does Corning offer for Apple to have invested 450 million dollars in this historic glass and crystal manufacturer
150 years later, Corning headquarters is still in the state of New York. In the small city that gives its name to the company. Much has changed since his early work with headlights, mirrors and telescopes. Now Corning is among the largest companies in the world, with more than 30,000 employees and... Read more
Intel Core 10th Gen «Comet Lake»: so are the processors with which Intel wants to ‘assault’ high performance laptops
Intel still had “an ace up its sleeve” after the introduction a few weeks ago of its new “Ice Lake” microprocessors . The Sunny Cove microarchitecture, which is the one used by the new Intel Core 10th generation chips, is, according to the engineers who designed it, the cornerstone... Read more
This impressive chip is bigger than an iPad: it has 400,000 cores, 18 GB of memory and 1.2 billion transistors
We are used to increasingly advanced processors with an amazing number of transistors, but we had never seen anything like the chip developed by a company called Cerebras . Its “Wafer Scale Engine” or WSE of Cerebras is the exaggeration made chip: it has 1.2 billion transistors , 400,000... Read more
SSDs may have become preferred for a large number of scenarios, but the cost per gigabyte remains a key factor in others such as large data centers where the transfer speed does not matter as much as the capacity of the units that are used. That is the reason... Read more
Liquid cooling: what it is, how it works and when it is worth betting on it to “propel” our PC
Heat is the enemy to beat . The “coconut” of integrated circuits in general. And of the microprocessors in particular . If it increases in excess it can cause the stability and performance of a computer to plummet, but the worst is not this. The most serious thing is... Read more
Intel introduces a new neuromorphic system that mimics the human brain: equivalent to the calculation of 8 million neurons
Intel has announced what for them is its first system capable of mimicking the human brain through neuromorphic computing . A total of 64 chips based on the company’s Loihi prototypes that together amount to the calculation made by 8 million human neurons. In its initial phase, this new system will only be accessible to Intel partner... Read more